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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Random Technology Comment #2

I've had a crazy week at work getting ready for Read Across America. When I did sit down at the end of the day, I found I was so busy catching up on everyone's blogs that I didn't too far ahead. Finally, I decided to take the good advice of others and add everyone's feeds to my reader. Well, who knew that would take so much time? Then I had to start reading the blogs all over again. I'm hoping it will save me time and allow me to continue to see everyone's posts. The one thing I worry about is that by getting just the most recent post I am not making the same kinds of connections. By going back to the original page I connect the posts to get an overall feeling about the person who posted them. I begin to see patterns. I start to get a sense of who each individual person is and what they value. By using feeds, the posts stand alone and unconnected. I may be able to keep up with the posts more effeciently, but I doubt they will do as much to build a community of us in Massachusetts who will then identify the blog with the person when we meet at MSLA events. Perhaps there is another forum for that, perhaps I could be more proactive about preventing that by clicking to the link and making the connections each time I see a new link. At least I would only be checking blogs which actually have been updated that way. It puts the responsibility back on me to make the connections. I find this thought provoking.

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LibraryStrong said...

I decided to do what you mentioned, clicking on everyone's link and reading the update in their actual blog. That helps me make the connections. At least that way I just have to go to the updated ones. So, having the RSS feed really does save a tremendous amount of time.