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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Week 8 - Thing 19 Library Thing

Like many librarians, I love to read. Pre-MLS, I bought any book I thought I would ever want to read and hung on to it as if for dear life. Somehow learning about the interconnectivity of libraries today, experiencing the richness of possibility available through Inter Library Loan and moving several times without the benefit of much more space changed things. My library record has soared and my idea of fun is going to another town and checking out books there as well. I can get all sorts of things without having to take responsibility for the storage of them. I do still buy books, but I am more apt to borrow them or give them away.

Having said all that, my experience with Library Thing is mixed. I can see the beauty of it, the wonder of having this tool available to individuals as well as libraries. The ease of use, the MARC records, the interactivity of it. I did sign up and post my books to the blog. However, I think I may prefer Goodreads because it gives you the option of indicating if you have read, want to read, own or borrowed the book in question. With Library Thing I get the feeling that it is about books I possess. I suppose I possess the soul of the book if I have read it, but most of what I read has no physical presence in my home. Please correct me if I have missed something. Perhaps this is a perception problem on my part.

I will enjoy thinking more fully on the sites available and making use of the ones I think best suit my need. Meanwhile, I am getting plenty of great books suggestions and having a blast.

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LibraryStrong said...

You raise a good point about the limitations of Library Thing. I listed some books that I want to read, not just the ones I have read, but there was no way to make note of that. So I decided not to rate the books that I hadn't read yet. I don't necessarily possess all the books I've listed. I often exchange books with friends, and often I send my daughters the books I've enjoyed. I guess we can all use Library Thing in the way that works for us.