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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week 8 - Thing 18 Zoho Writer

The potential of Zoho Writer is incredible. The fact that it is free software which fills the place of other desktop applications is good enough to recommend it for further study. (Especially for those of us who are in contact with patrons who have limited financial resources.) The thing which really recommends Zoho Writer to me, personally, is it's collaborative capability. The ability to start a document and be able to have others work on it is beautiful. The free platform for holding meetings online is a great resource.

In the library I can imagine that we might use it to have mini-meetings more often at the end of the day from the comfort of our own libraries. (No more searching for a parking spot, right Wanda Luv?) Our students might use it to work collaboratively on a research project, even when one of them is grounded. Of course, these tools would not work for my have to be 13 or older. While some of you have patrons old enough, there is still the issue of filtering.... Personally, I can immediately see the value of it for getting family members to hash out family gathering meal plans all at once, rather than the telephone tag which sometimes happens. The possibilities are endless.

I used the templates to create a certificate of membership in the Purple Glasses Club. It was a fun, though delightfully pointless, thing to try. Neccesity will provide for more relevant projects, but sometimes it's just fun to create. It is interesting to note that posting it to the blog did elongate the certificate which gave it a somewhat warped appearance. No matter, the original looks fine.

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DRN said...

Nice to see how you used a template!