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Monday, February 18, 2008

Week 7 - Thing 17 Sandbox

I went to the sandbox and posted a comment about changes I have made to my program since learning about all these 2.0 tools. It was the first post to that category. It is so easy to post to a wiki. WandaLuv has told about the wiki I made after our conference, but she was rather nice to mention that we all added our notes. I have yet to finish adding mine. It was so time consuming to input the skeleton for the wiki (I choose a complicated format) and then something else came up. Next thing I knew we were taking this class. I still have hopes of finishing that wiki (just found the password last Friday) and starting the standards reference wiki for school librarians at the K-6 level in Massachusetts. They are next on my list. Wikis are something which I believe I will continue to use often.

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