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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week 5 Thing 10

I created this image using Although I have had a great deal of fun trying out the other image generators, I think I like this best. I used Ticker Factory to create the counter for our Dr. Seuss birthday celebration in March. This may be one of the tools I find myself using often.

I'll admit that I spent far too much time playing with the Lederhosen Dance Generator, the Nightingale Song Generator, and the R2D2 Translation Generator . There seems to be significant overlap in products. Like many other web related activities, these could really be time drainers. If I can make myself choose a background which is "good enough" rather than wondering if I can get one just a little bit better elsewhere, these products may be a real help to me. I think I will have to discipline myself to do just that.

Image generators which I thought would be really helpful include those which make posters, those which alter the image in some way to make it visually interesting (Sketch Generator, Photo Spread Effect Generator and Warhol Generator are some examples) and those which make cartoons. My mind is on overload thinking about all the ways that these tools could be used in our library. Posters to promote things we are learning, incentives for students (i.e. giveaways), ways to present the information gathered by students and writing prompts are some of the ideas which easily come to mind.


LibraryStrong said...

I took a quick glance at your post and just had to click on the the Lederhosen Generator. Of course, I can't read German. It looks like the same type of thing that went around right before Christmas with dancing elves. I'll keep myself on task right now and leave it to explore next week. I'm trying to catch up on everyone's posts right now.

bookwoman said...

Hi Linda,

How do you embed the links in your post? I know I can copy the URL, but yours are so pretty. And thanks for your nice comment on getting your wheels spinning. I spin mine a lot too -- but that's about all I get done with four schools.

purple glasses club said...

Hi Bookwoman,

Thanks for the compliments about my URLs. Think that is a first. This is how I did it. First I go to dashboard and select "Layout." When you get there select "Fonts and colors" Choose colors for your links. Then when posting type in the name of a site, select it and add the URL. Does this answer the question?