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Monday, January 14, 2008

Week 3 Thing 7 - Random Technology comment

Maybe I'm stuck in a rut, but this course is really making me think about the time management skills required to use technology effeciently as well as effectively. It is all so interesting to me that I tend to get mesmorized by it.

I heard someone say the other day that old fashioned cameras were so much less work. You took a picture and developed it. You put the pictures in a box and that was it. Now you have to take them, upload them, choose which to print, print them, save them to another medium, share them online, crop them, rotate them, touch them up, etc., etc. Once all that is accomplished you have to delete them from your camera before you can take more. It is not a time saver. While I didn't agree completely with this opinion, there is something which resonates.

It reminds me of when scrapbooking made it's way into the craft scene. I was immediately attracted to it and at the same time I knew that starting was like playing with fire. Once you begin there are so many desires - photo albums, paper, special glue, special scissors, special punches, embellishments...the list is unending. Personally, I knew it was something I should run the other way from as I already had so many hobbies. The time, storage space, space in my brain and committment would have to vie with too many other things. So I have managed to escape without much more than a few cute hole punches and the occasional pretty piece of paper.

I am feeling much the same way now about technology. There are so many really fabulous applications which could be used to great advantage in the school library and personally. There will never be enough time to use them all well. Which will I choose? Which will I drop due to lack of the time/space continuum?

Technology which I especially want to use more or learn about:

podcasting (looking forward to week 9!)
wikis (week 7)
my new cell phone
mixing audio (I love Audacity)
recording audio


LibraryStrong said...

I share many of your thoughts. There is so much out there, I can get quite overwhelmed thinking about it all and end up doing nothing. Your comments on the complexity of taking photos are right on. I used to think it would be easier than printing them and putting them in albums but now there is so much decision making involved. I think making decisions is much harder than just doing the task. Hopefully we come to realize what is important enough to spend time on.

lynnlibrarian said...

I agree with your comments. I find myself wondering how many hours people spend in front of their computer doing all of these things, instead of actually living their lives in real reality.

hornetlady said...

Ditto for me...I know I spend more time at the computer than I care to admit. I can't help but wonder how I spent (wasted!) my time B.C. (before computers).

bookwoman said...

Here's another "agreeable" country heard from! There is SO much out there and it takes so much effort to master and figure out out to make it useful that I do find myself living on my computer. I now refuse to even come upstairs to the office a couple of days a week just to keep myself from living on-line. I've been getting a lot more reading done!