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Friday, December 31, 2010

60 post challenge

Last January I challenged myself to post 60 posts in 2010. Well, here we are on December 31st and I’m not close to sliding in finished. Including this one, I wrote 46 posts this year. As for comments on other blogs, I know I have posted more than I have counted, but I often forget to add them in to the count. Regardless, I am glad I challenged myself, as I am sure I wouldn’t have posted as much this year without the goal.

Goals have been good for me. They have given a framework for my efforts and helped me to keep on track. One of the reasons I fell short was that I spent most of the summer planning, reevaluating and thinking too much. So I didn’t get much posting done.

My take away: While I did not complete the 60 posts, I cannot feel that I failed. I made a goal. I worked toward it. I grew through the experience. I resolve to continue moving forward. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow 60 posts is a lot, I'd go for quality over quantity. (Don't go and look at my rubbish now;) )
Good luck in your new challenges, I am enjoying reading your poems.