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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thing 24 - Cluster Maps

I decided to keep on counting. What better way to do that than add a Cluster Map to my blog? I've noticed those world maps on blogs which show how many people are viewing the blog and where in the world they are. Today when I pulled up a blog I noticed one and decided to look at it more closely. It said you could click on it to get one. Well, I'll be...

If you want one, go to and follow the directions. It was simple to apply for, easy to copy and paste the html and it showed up immediately. Now if only I can get people to view my blog! It will be fun to see where those dots will appear. So those of you who are traveling, I'd be much obliged if you would just look at my blog from a distant location. :-)

What a good reflection on this class it is that I would just figure it out and get one of my own. In the past I might have just wished for one. How empowering this web 2.0 has been.


LibraryStrong said...

So... I am in Switzerland now, using my own laptop. How will the clustermap know where I'm writing from?

purple glasses club said...

Hi Library Strong,

Thanks for checking the blog from Switzerland! I can now see why people want to register their's fun to see how many people are viewing and now being able to see where they are from.

The information Cluster Maps provides seems to indicate that they will update the map daily, so I think you checked after the update for today. I am looking forward to checking tomorrow to see whether there will be a small red dot over Switzerland. I don't know how clustermap will know where you are writing from.