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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Blog - Picture Book Inspirations

I'm pleased to announce my new blog: Picture Book Inspirations. I noticed that Purple Glasses Club was becoming a catch all for my many interests. Part of the reason I did not complete my 60 post challenge is that I spent most of the summer writing, brainstorming and re-envisioning my direction. From this Picture Book Inspirations was born.

Picture Book Inspirations will be a destination for the ways in which picture books inspire me, projects which I take on after reading picture books, writing and art projects which I hope may some day be picture books and news.

What I hope to feature on the blog:

Art Criticism – In order to appreciate picture books it is helpful to have some background in art appreciation. I will be posting mini-lessons to help us all become more adept at talking about the art.

Guest Writers – I don’t have any lined up yet, but I hope to have some guest writers post about what inspires them

Techniques – Know how those illustrations were made? If you answered no, you are not alone. I will be posting information about the process of making illustrations. Hopefully with photos and videos.

Writing Challenges – Information about writing challenges I am taking part in and ones that you can take part in too.

Drawing Challenges – Same as for Writing Challenges

Current Events – articles, events, congratulations, kudos, sympathy.

Other stuff that I have not yet dreamed about. 

I hope you will come and join me there. The welcome mat is out. I've just moved into the site, so it will be a while before the curtains are up. You're welcome to join me there anytime.

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