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Monday, November 8, 2010

PiBoIdMo and the Proliferation of Thinking Chairs

I am taking part in a writing challenge this month called PiBoIdMo or Picture Book Idea Month for those of you Acronym challenged folks. PiBoIdMo is the brainchild of Tara Lazar whose blog Tara Lazar: Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) is a place to visit if you are interested in children’s lit. The idea is that you come up with and file one idea for a picture book each day of the month of November. She has lined up an amazing set of guest bloggers to post inspirations for the journey and some pretty nifty prizes. 

The real value, though, is the chance to “meet” some inspiring fellow writers and bloggers. I am enjoying the communal aspect of it, the inspiration and the fact that I have at least one idea on file for each day.

Before the challenge began, children’s writer, artist and blogger Dana Cary posted her preparations for the month on her blog Up in the Attic Lately. In this post she shared her idea for the creation of a “thinking chair” including information about how she pulled it together. Check out her idea. 

I was not alone in reading the post and feeling a need deep in my heart to have a thinking chair of my own. So I pulled out the camp chair I usually take to Elizabeth Park, draped a floral quilt over it, plunked a silk flower arrangement in the drink holder and topped it with a fuzzy pink blanket with pom pons and VIOLA!, my thinking chair was born. Then I got the idea to add a pink fuzzy bean bag chair topping an exercise ball as a foot stool. The ideas come quickly when sitting in this very relaxing chair. Great ideas for picture books, ideas for school and relaxing thoughts which make the end of the day a pleasure.

Where do you do your best thinking? Will you be setting aside a corner to do your thinking?


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, that looks so comfy!!!! I would get no thinking done in that chair. Lots of sleeping instead!

purple glasses club said...


It is remarkably comfy for a camp chair. Tempting though it is to take a nap, I keep awake and dream.

Dana said...

I love your thinking chair! It is too funny. It looks comfy & just a bit zany at the same time. Puts me to mind of pink powder puffs.

I wonder if our personally souped-up chairs reveal a bit of our personality? Hmmm...

@danaFr :-)

KatApel said...

Wow. That looks luxurious - very plush. I will imagine you as a snow queen - Coconut Ice :P - on your thinking throne.

My thinking chair is not so cosy - but it is like a breath of fresh air on my writing. I tramp across grassy paddocks and rolling hills, with thoughts flying free into limitless blue skies. I can almost feel stress uncoiling inside me, loosening its grasp on creativity. Within metres of my house I am buzzing with exciting ideas and bites of poetry. Love it!

purple glasses club said...

I do think our chairs reveal something about our personalities. Your choice of word, "zany" would describe me pretty well. I loved the pink powder puff fringe on this throw because it reminded me of the ones I had on my ice skates as a child.

All I need is the tiara. Your description of your "thinking chair" is so poetic it is clear it works.

Wish we could line up all our "thinking chairs" and try them all out. That would be fun.