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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book Spine Poetry

What a gas! Travis Jonker posted this hilarious and inspiring idea on his blog 100scopenotes. See his post at

The idea is to use the spines of books to make poetry. I am not terribly confident about having my young students try this out, but it was irresistible to me. If I hadn’t been absolutely swamped this week I imagine I would have spent much time looking for poetry in the stacks. Here are the first two I could muster (with notes in case the photos are hard to view):

A Perfect Day

Today I will Fly

Thump and Plunk

No Fighting, No Biting

Tug of War

Don’t be My Valentine

What a Mess!

This may become an obsession. I find myself checking the spines as students bring books to the check out counter. “Don’t worry about putting that one back. I’ll keep it right here…..”


Katie said...

This just gave me a wonderful idea for a lesson after vacation! Thanks for blogging.

purple glasses club said...

Glad you liked it and that you have some new ideas. It's lots of fun and kind of hard to stop once you start.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool Lynda! imight try it with novels too.

purple glasses club said...

Thanks for letting me know you liked it. It jogged my memory and made me feel it's about time to give it another go.