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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just when I thought I was riding the wave

This morning's article on NPR about using mobile phones like cash cards made me realise that I am far from riding the wave. I'm struggling to finding my surf board! The article Bump for Cash: Phones as Virtual Wallets indicates that there are already places doing this. As smart phones become able to perform various functions for us there will be a need to carry less stuff with us. That gives me two thoughts. 1. How much more devastating it will be if misplaced. 2. If they can only pack a lipstick into it....

I recently received an email about the New Mercedes-Benz SCL600 which purportedly has no steering wheel or foot pedals. It is operated by joystick. The idea of driving this car would be quite a jump in thinking for me. Frankly, a car like this would change the driving experience more than bucket seats did in the 70s.  Looking on Snopes this morning I found that this car was actually made as a prototype. There is little danger of having to make the switch in the short term as this car was made 10 years ago. Still, once a technology takes off it isn't long before it is everywhere. The addition of a port to connect mobile music players was a breakthrough a few years ago and now it's a standard feature in cars.

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