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Sunday, December 13, 2009

RISD Alumni Art Sale

Yesterday I hoofed it on over to the RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) Alumni Art Sale held at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Always a feast for the eyes, these sales delight and inspire. My objective in going yesterday was to visit Grace Lin and get my hands on a signed copy of her book Where the Mountain meets the Moon. The book has been getting good reviews and I have wanted to read it, but I was pretty sure I could get a specially signed copy if I waited. I intend to wrap it and put it under the tree for myself. Then I will read in between the holidays and the beginning of the new year.

If you are not familiar with Grace Lin, you are missing out on a gem. Her work is fresh and empowering. Her website and blog are among my favorites to follow. Grace has a voice which is so friendly and warm that you really feel like you know her. This tone is one of the reasons her books have such appeal. Don’t miss out any longer. To view her blog, see a trailer for the book, as well as her interview on the Today Show, go to:

Yesterday I tried to behave myself. I really did. The first time I saw Grace at a RISD Almuni Art Sale, I charged the booth she shares with Anna Altieri and simply gushed “I’m a fan!” at which my preteen child nearly died of embarrassment. I didn’t know enough to stop. “I follow your blogs” I continued. I was on a roll. Grace was charming and didn’t seem to think my behavior as outrageous as my companion did. She simply smiled and asked me if I was a librarian. How did she know? While I was thinking she was not only a wonderful author/illustrator but also somewhat of a mystic, my child informed me that it was as if I had the word LIBRARIAN stamped across my forehead.

Yesterday I managed to browse peacefully, request my books quietly and slyly mention that I do follow her blogs and enjoy them. I bought the aforementioned Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Robert’s Snow and Lissy’s Friends, complete with Lissy doll. I intend to use Lissy’s Friends at school to accompany my origami lessons.

Here's the inside of my book bag.

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