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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Urban Backpacking

In my last post I let it be known how much I love my laptop. The large screen is great, but one thing that is problematic is schlepping it around with me. I love to take it on my weekly forays into a city nearby. While I wait for my child to have the weekly activity I catch up on work and writing. Sometimes it’s a grocery list I’m typing.

Here’s the catch. How does one carry a laptop 10 or 15 blocks without pulling a muscle? These days I see students with these mini laptops. Right after they pushed the limits of how big the screen could be they turned around and made them small. I sometimes look on with envy.

First I tried a messenger bag. Slinging the thing over my shoulder, I nearly tipped over to the side and the strap cut into my neck. Cross that one off. I then got a roll on bag, but it was meant to carry your laptop and your clothing for a few days. It’s great for a real car trip, but not to roll through the street. Lately I carry my laptop in a backpack made by Columbia. Usually the backpack is stuffed and bulging with the reading material I “must” take with me. Carrying it around does make you stand up straight, that’s for sure. Sometimes, I look like I’m carrying supplies, including the oxygen tanks, for a trek up Everest. It gets the job done, even if it does look a bit odd.

There has to be a better way. I’m sure that there is a product out there for me. A bag which can be slung on your back easily, but doesn’t tear into your neck. A bag with a colapsable handle so that it can be rolled when advisable. A bag which looks professional and sporty, but not in a campfire kind of way. I’m looking for it. If you know what it is, I’d love to know.

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